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The Anticorruption Internet Database is a multifunctional web repository for all corruption related issues in Nigeria. It is designed to bring to the public space a collaborative and structured presentation of information from activities embarked upon by CSO’s, media agencies and organizations engaged in Anti-Corruption and Good Governance projects and to provide veritable tools to facilitate civic engagement, public advocacy.  As a system, ACID is designed to function in a continuous cycle of Understanding; Engagement; Transparency and Accountability, with the ability to operate both concurrently and consecutively with weighted values distributed along its value-chain.




Understanding: Corruption in Nigeria is an endemic and evolving social system and to effectively counter it, one must adequately understand it by identifying and deconstructing its functional components. ACID offers a rich knowledge base on all issues of corruption within the Nigerian space. This provides citizenry with access to a pool of processed information and hence facilitates their understanding of the issues.


Engagement: ACID is designed to facilitate engagement on two levels: the real and virtual networks; the real networks being a physical network of CSO's, government and media agencies working on anti-corruption and good governance related issues. The virtual networks comprises potentially of the over 44 million Nigerian internet users and several other millions across the globe and social media platforms. The value proposition here is the volume of information available to the high volume of people on the web space and also the synergy created between the real and virtual networks.

Transparency: Armed with knowledge and with understanding, Citizenry know the inner processes of the various systems of state and consequently can pinpoint the toll gates of corrupt practices. Since corruption is systemic in Nigeria, it is necessary to focus on the systems that create, encourage and sustain corrupt practices, even as it demands the proper prosecution of its practitioners in the pursuit and demand of a more transparent Government.

Accountability: Continuous engagement with the platform by all stake holders will enhance their work and create a continuous and systemic demand for accountability from the Nigerian system. It will also provide the necessary understanding of the system, the processes and the actors, to enable the citizens to hold their leaders (public and private sectors) accountable for their misdeeds under the constitutional order and through the strict enforcement of the rule of law.


Below are brief descriptions of some of the tools to be incorporated on the ACID platform:

ACID Wiki: A bank of information concerning definitions, laws, treaties and strategies concerning corruption related terms.

Asset Declaration: A list of Nigerian Politicians and Government officials that have declared their assets and details of their assets.

Blotter: A resource which provides legal analysis and possible implications of varying strains of cases involving corruption.


Bribe Reports: A tool which allows citizenry report cases of personal experience with cases of corruption. Reports can be sent in any digital format.

Budget: Budget transparency and monitoring applications for individuals to view and use.

Corruption Calculator: An application which computes the economic and infrastructural opportunity cost of corruption within the Nigerian context.

Corruption Perception Index: A tool which ranks State and Ministries based on the frequency of mentions of corruption in the traditional and online media in their respective zones.

Corruption Profile: A detailed list of individuals who have been involved in corruption allegations, cases, and convictions.

Cold Case Files: A compilation of corruption cases brought against individuals/Organizations that are still pending.

Know Your Government: A repository of Government Ministries and Parastatals, elected officials and appointees.

National Applaud: A tool for applauding outstanding individuals who work hard despite the temptation of corruption.


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