Money Laundering - Deterrence


Several methods are now adopted by Nation States, Corporates and individuals in combating internatinal money laundry. Evidentially, traditional methods ofo laundry prevention may fall short of the ingeniuty of of those engaged in this trade, thereby requiering a level of intellectual engagement to evolve eefective prevetive startegies. The question then would be, can money laundry be prevented in its entirety and nipped on the board, or it can only be reduced? All this and more require further investigation. (read more
ideal financial haven, The Ten Fundamental Laws of Money Laundering,

International Resources 
The Prevention Of Money Laundering Bill Act, 1999 
Money Laundering and International Effort to Fight it 
Detection and prevention training for Law Enforcement and Financial Professionals 
Prevention of Money Laundering 
Manuals on Countering Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism 
Additional Recommended Measures of The Estonia Banking Association 
Role of the media in combating Money Laundering 
Conference on Combating Money Laundering 
Combating Money Laundering and Organized Crime 
Combating Money Laundering and Organized Crime 
Detecting and shutting down money laundering operations is a high priority for U.S. law enforcement 

National Resources
Obasanjo Urges Prompt Legislatures Against Money Laundering
Nigeria to Fraud and Fight Money Laundering 
US warns Banks against Counter Money Laundering System in Nigeria 

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